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Wired,TIRED or Burned out?
Moody, Sad, Stressed, Sleepless?
Adrenal Fatigue?
Overweight, Sluggish, hit the weight loss plateau?
Headaches, Stressed, Overwhelmed?
Dull Skin, Thinning Hair, Acne?
Indigestion, Nervous Stomach, Bloated Belly, Constipation?
PMS, Menstrual Cramps or Menopausal Symptoms?
High Blood Pressure or at risk for Heart Disease?
Allergies, Congestion, Skin Irritations or Sinus Sensitivities?
Frequent Colds, Flus and other Infections?

Did you know that all of these symptoms are GREATLY influenced by our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lifestyle?

I have personally used what I teach to support healing and relief of numerous chronic symptoms, stress, pain and excess weight.

I am Nurse Rachel Bello. I am a Registered, Holistic, Public Health Nurse and Coach.

I specialize in improving your quality of life through body, mind, heart and spirit wellness using integrative, evidence based methods and the Holistic Nursing Process.

Most importantly I make it simple!

Blessings of FREEDOM to live in peace and health,

Rachel Bello BSN, RN, PHN, HNB-BC, ACN


The Information, Services and Products offered by Rachel Bello RN is not a diagnosis or treatment for medical, psychiatric or psychological conditions and does NOT replace medical care and advice.  Consult with your Doctor before making changes that could affect your health including but not limited to taking new supplements, change in medications and dosages, starting a new exercise plan.  We value working in partnership with and respect towards our clients and health care professionals.
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